Pima County Chamber Of Commerce

Helping Pima County Businesses Grow And Expand Their Reach County Wide!

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Welcome To The Pima County Chamber of Commerce


We are an organization that understands the needs of business owners and helping them build credibility and consumer trust with our residents who know how important it is to shop local and the effect of that on our County!

Our Goals are as follows:

  1. Create a community of Local Businesses that residents can trust.
  2. Help Businesses Reach into new areas of the County and attract new business.
  3. Enlarge the Digital Foot Print of our business members.
  4. Educate our members in all forms of Digital Marketing.
  5. Create Networking and Social Events that Build Business and Community.
  6. Create incentives that attract residents as well as visitors to our business members.
  7. Keep Membership low so all business can afford to participate.
  8. Promote the Political Process while not endorsing any candidate.

We want to welcome all the businesses in Pima County to see what we can do to help them climb the latter of Success! The better off your business does, the more people you can hire and the more affordable you can provide your services or products. This means we all win!



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